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Meet Our Founder

"The management of the future, is the Wealthing®  management, a transformational style that blends the best of corporate and entrepreneurial management.

Where individuals leverage on passion and legacy to lead high impact organizations.

In this way the person, the organization, and the economy prosper together, not at the expense of one another." 

Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD

Dr. Castillo Holley,  founder of the Wealthing® Institute is a strategist at the intersection of science, technology, capital, and humanity. She navigates easily between research, commercial applications, and socioeconomic progress, with a deep understanding of financial implications.

Born and raised in Venezuela, she started her professional career as a scientist studying genetics and plant physiology. She later joined Bayer-Shell joint venture as head of Product Development; spent a year managing an Opera House; and moved to Boston to pursue an MBA.

She has lived in 6 countries: USA, Chile, Venezuela, Switzerland, Denmark, and Australia, and travels around the world often. She lives in Silicon Valley where she is a successful Angel Investor. 

Wealthing Principles

We win more by collaborating than by competing. 


Creating wealth is a much more powerful that capturing wealth.


We learn from actions, not from success or failures. 


We progress when we are better than ourselves, not better than anybody else.


We use the gift of life as an opportunity to learn and grow instead of exploiting our talents.


Meaning beats making money. Focus on how to add value, not how to extract value.

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